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A mechanical splice is a method of permanently joining two separate fibers together within a fiber optic cable. Fiber optics are used to transmit data in fields such as telecommunications or computer networking. Mechanical splicing provides a quick and effective way of joining fibers so that information can pass uninterrupted between different cables or sources. It is an alternative to fusion splicing, which is a method of fusing fibers together using arc welding. Fusion splicing is fairly complex, however, and requires much more skill than mechanical splicing.


  • Fiber to the home (FTTH)

  • FTTx, Connectingup Renovation of Computer/controlling Room

  • Fiber room line transformation


  • Application for cable subscriber troubleshooting

  • Precision metallic alloy components with co-axial self centering, excellent and durableoptical property

  • Axially firm fitting of optical fibers, reducing any performance degradation due to loss inthe matching gel

  • Uninterrupted fitting and connecting technology, hence signals are free of impact fromexternal force

  • The naked fiber, tight buffer and cable, etc., can fully meet the environmentalrequirements from the terminals customer

  • Integrated protection of the casing to withstand harsh outdoor environment

  • High success rate and easiness in installation with average splicing time of 150 sec

  • Lock and open fiber optic on the mechanical splicer

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Product Parameters

  • ITEM

    Technical Parameters

    Applicable for

    2,2mmx 3,2mm ± 0,2mm

    Dimensions Mechanical splice (mm)


    Dimensions mini closure (mm)


    Optical fiber standard

    G652D & 657A1 or option

    Tight buffer diameter

    250μm & 900μm

    Fiber mode

    Single mode or Multi mode

    Insert loss

    ≤ 0.15dB

    Return loss

    ≥ 50dB

    The success rate




    The number of assembly

    ≥10 times

    Fastening strength of naked fiber


    Tensile strength

    ≥40 N

    Using temperature


    Operating Wavelength

    1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm


    ≥10 years

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