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China telecom began to scale commercial ROADM: accelerated evolution to the all-optical networks

Date: 2016-11-15
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       In the recently held "the 10th China optical communication development and competitiveness BBS (ODC '2016)", the ministry of science and executive deputy director wei made a keynote speech entitled "towards a all-optical networks".
Wei believes that the optical network market and the industry has a unique advantage: has the world's largest market, the world's most complete optical communication industry chain and manufacturing base, and the level of the world's most close to areas of technology and the most likely industries to achieve full transcendence, and combining with "network power" and "broadband China" national level development opportunity and policy guidance, such as optical network in China is welcomed as an opportunity, in order to realize optical network city/province power network as the goal of new stage of development and upgrading of new opportunities

       Optical network strategic position

       In wei's view, optical network in the 21st century will increasingly highlight the strategic position of national economy.
At present, the global 148 countries have introduced national broadband development strategy, government direct investment or tax loan policy support .In America, for example, the Obama administration's leading national broadband plan, is sure to broadband, as one of the most important infrastructure in the 21st century, a series of support plans and policies.
       Our government also introduced a national broadband strategy in 2013, started to get senior government for approval, and has set up a universal service fund taxation means such as a substantive support .At the end of last year, the ministry of finance and the ministry of telecommunications universal service pilot work notice, with the two ministries of telecommunication universal service cost for the base areas, the eastern, central and western provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and autonomous region according to its base of respectively 15%, 20%, 30%, 35% for approval.
       In order to provide better network environment for various business, China telecom began to build all-optical networks covering all over the country, and put forward the slogan of all-optical networks .In wei's view, optical network not only has the advantages of high bandwidth and capacity, but also on the network business performance and reliability have irreplaceable advantage .For example, optical network is the most stable and the shortest time delay characteristics, such as financial securities high-frequency trading, electrical protection and automatic driving need low latency business to provide the most reliable protection."Optical network is expected to provide the most ideal support for high value applications."Wei said.

       China telecom to speed up the evolution to the all-optical networks

       Wei, all-optical networks, including China telecom, though it is the common goal of telecom operators, evolution is not achieved overnight, but you also need to walk a long way."Only the whole transmission, exchange and access in the optical domain, and the introduction of ROADM and exchange layer after propsed constitute a strict sense of all-optical networks."
       So, wei is not completely recognized some definition of the current industry, the optical network and optical network cities in the province of formulation is more appropriate.Because, at present only has realized the transmission and access in the optical domain, the exchange is still in the electrical domain.Even at this stage of optical networks actually refers to the region more TDM switches the logout, and has high optical coverage and high access speed, can be thought of as the initial stage of all-optical networks.
       For the network to the evolution process of all-optical networks, wei believes that it will be divided into three stages: the first is the backbone and transmission packtized;The second is access packtized, FTTx, is currently at the stage where all-optical networks.The third is the optical switching, introduced transport nodes, namely the introduction of ROADM and propsed.
       At present, the backbone packtized is implemented, but the all-optical networks is the key to access network, access network is a network of technical progress relative to the slowest, the largest investment and maintenance cost of the highest, the most arduous part to achieve all-optical networks.Over the past 2008 years, copper present linear decline, but the stock is still large.Operators in construction for this, our country is hard at this year's investment is more than 200 one hundred million yuan, plus social investment, the investment scale is expected to reach 28 billion yuan this year.

       The final stage of evolution in America is about to begin, operators will ROADM, introduced at the exchange level, so as to realize transmission and access and exchange of end-to-end optical network, all-optical networks towards strictly."Wei said.At present, China telecom has been deployed ROADM in Shanghai, China telecom backbone network this year the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river will be fully deployed ROADM, forming area optical network.
       Wei believes that the application of ROADM driver has very obvious.Business, business particles has amounted to 100 g, light layer scheduling is more economic.Networking requirements: the operator network is evolution from point to point as the mesh, ROADM in flexible scheduling, business management, availability, recovery efficiency, etc.In addition, ROADM can eliminate electrical equipment bandwidth bottleneck, realize the network transparency, to simplify and speed up the assignment of high-speed circuit and business, also can quickly realize any wavelength of flexible, dynamic road, reduce the cost and operational cost, the in the aspect of energy consumption and take up the space is also can achieve 50% lower.

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