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Shenzhen Toplink communication Co., Ltd , is a professional high technology enterprise which engages in research, development, manufacture and sale of fiber optic cable, patchcord, adaptor , attenuator , patch panel ect . Located in shenzhen city closed to HK. We have over 500 skilled workers , including te…

12F Armored Patchcord
● Steel tape armoured inside
● Resist damage by twist
● Resistance of pressure and rodent bite
24F FC Break-out Patchcord
● 4~48 fibers optional
● With heat shrinkable tube
● Cable:PVC, OM1, OM2 or OM3 optional
LC Duplex OM3 Adaptor(RJ45
● Low insertion loss,high return loss
● High reliability&stability
● PC,APC,UPC optional
● Wide attenuation rang
● High precision attenuate value
● Low back reflection & PDL
Duplex Armored Zipcord Fib
● 0.6 tight buffer fiber,
● Hight strength kevlar yarn member.
● Steel armored flexble tube.
GYTA Fiber Cable-Outdoor
● Steel wire strength.filler protect tube fiber.
● Aluminum tape armord.
● Good ultra violet radiation resistant property.
GYTY53 Fiber Cable-outdoor
● Steel wire strength.steel tape armord.
● Good ultra violet radiation resistant property.
● Double sheath .Good moisture-resistance
GYXTW Fiber Cable-Outdoor
● Steel-wire parallel member.fiber steel tape amored.
● Adopt optic fiber ribbon.
● Can be installed conveniently and operated simply.
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